With new Twitter ads product, you are what you tweet — to advertisers, anyway


Chose your 140 characters carefully. Twitter will now be combing through the words of user’s tweets to identify targeted advertising opportunities for paying customers. Things are about to get a lot more personal!

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Twitter has launched a new advertising product that will allow brands to advertise specifically to consumers based on the words they’re tweeting. That means the content of your tweets is going to start having a greater affect on the ads you see on Twitter.

Previously, advertisers could target Twitter users based on their general interest graph, only part of which was based on the actual content of a user’s tweets. But this is a brand new product that could be huge for Twitter.

It both improves the targeting and makes ads more relevant for users, and also gives advertisers more chances to surface tweets on your stream when you’re tweeting about related topics. The company has been ramping up advertising and money-making products this year, working to improve the quality of ads on Twitter and the users it can reach.

Twitter explained what this means for the user logging into Twitter:

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